About Us

Loni Loo's Homemade Candies Founder, Loni Swain

A one-of-a-kind New Orleans family recipe is the focus of this Los Angeles based e-commerce dessert business. A great unique gift for yourself or anyone on your list, their signature chocolate clusters, superb consumer experiences, and a commitment to charitable partnerships all make these treats even sweeter.

Loni Loo's was founded in 2012 by media veteran Loni Swain when her love for cooking and baking quickly began to turn into a profitable hobby. The consistent praise and support of the unique chocolate clusters was the catalyst to turn her hobby into a business. 

Loni Loo’s Homemade Candies are the yummiest salty-sweet-chocolate-clusters that you've ever tasted. Loni Loo’s are made with the finest and freshest ingredients and a time tested New Orleans family recipe to deliver a consistently delicious experience with each bite. Our top rated gourmet chocolate clusters are available in milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate, to satisfy every chocolate lover’s palate. Loni Loo's also make a healthy snack option for the health conscious consumers because each cluster is less than 200 calories each.


We appreciate your continued support and look forward to the opportunity to bring some sweetness to your day!